CoffeeHouse Introduction

Introduction to CoffeeHouse

CoffeeHouse allows you to implement complicated Machine Learning methods into your software without having to deal with the hassle of setting it up on your own and spending extra for the resources that you require to run those features. Currently, CoffeeHouse provides these current features, we are constantly working and researching to add more as CoffeeHouse becomes more powerful.
Name Description Usage
Lydia AI An advanced multi-language chat bot novelty that can have human-like conversations with users and remember conversations, it out-smarts bots like Mitsuku (Kuki) when it comes to the turing test. Documentation
Image NSFW Classification Allows the ability to safely verify if an image contains pornographic content which is usually unsafe for work and or public environments, this allows you to safely filter safe and unsafe images Documentation
Named Entity Recognition Extract important named entities from a given text input such as a persons name, country, organization, location and even parse entities like date and time from a human language to a format that a computer can understand easily Documentation
Part-Of-Speech Tagging Understand the structure of a sentence by extracting grammatical tags from the input Documentation
Sentiment Analysis Predict the sentimental values from a given input to determine if the given input is positive, neutral or negative. This is great for determining if user feedback is positive or not. Documentation
Emotion Analysis Much like Sentimental Analysis, emotion analysis allows you to predict the emotional feelings of the given input Documentation
Chatroom Spam Prediction Determine if a message from a chatroom like environment contains unwanted spam/promotion, works well with a lot of languages by default without needing to specify the language source. Documentation
Sentence Split Using CoffeeHouse's builtin tokenization & stop words, you can accurately split sentences from the given input to make text more easier to work with Documentation
Language Detection Using multiple language detection methods, CoffeeHouse can accurately predict the language from the given text input and return a ISO-639-1 standard language code Documentation
Prediction Generalization You can create a generalization of the last x predictions from any one of the services listed above to create an accurate generalized prediction of the overall score Documentation
Obtaining a API Key
Obtain API Key
You can obtain a free API key from CoffeeHouse using the free subscription plan, if you need more resources then the prices for more resources are also reasonable for small-time developers.
Free will always be free! There are no hidden trials or limitations other than how much resources you can use.
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