Introduction to Applications

What is a Application?

An Application is what's used to identify your Application/Service to the user before they authenticate. Additionally this allows the user to know what permissions your Application requires from the user.

Creating an Application

Before we start messing around with authentication, we need an Application to authenticate to. when you go to Intellivoid Accounts, and visit the Manage Applications page (found in the user-dropdown menu) you will have the ability to create an Application, choose any name you want (some names might be taken) and create your Application. from there you can manage your Application and obtain important information such as your Application ID and Secret Key. Additionally you can choose what permissions you want your Application to request to the user.

Best practices is to not use permissions that you don't require, when a user sees how many permissions your Application is requesting may make your Application seem sketchy. and not all users will grant full permissions to your Application.

Application ID

Now that you have an Application, you will also have a unique Application ID. Instead of telling the server the name of your Application to identify it you will be using the Application's Public ID which is a long string of random numbers and letters which is unique only to your Application. This cannot be changed unless you delete your Application and re-create it.

This ID is public and can be used to request information about your Application such as it's logo, name and permissions.

Secret Key

Your secret key isn't something you have to keep absolutely secret but you also need to understand what this key is used for. a secret key is like a "API Key" for your Application allowing you to request user authentication, information, manage Application Settings/Variables, etc. your secret key is only dangerous if the Access Token is leaked/available publicly.
  • Application ID
  • Secret Key
  • Access Token (unique between the user and the application)
With this combination, anyone can make requests to access information the user gave your Application access to. So in conclusion keep your Access Tokens safe.

Authenticating to an Application

Users can authenticate to your Application using COA (Cross-over Authentication), to learn how it works and how to use it see COA API Introduction
Creating an Application
Obtain API Key
You can register an Application for free using your Intellivoid Account! visit Intellivoid Accounts to register your Application right away
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