Intellivoid Services Introduction

Intellivoid Services

While our services such as CoffeeHouse and OpenBlu has it's own API, Intellivoid has it's own eco-system called "Intellivoid Services". The Intellivoid Services API allows developers to integrate their Application or services into the Intellivoid eco-system to improve the user experience.

For example, if you have a blog and you want to allow users to leave comments but you would like to know who left those comments instead of just allowing Anonymous users (unauthorized users), you can integrate Intellivoid Accounts into your blog using the Intellivoid Services API which will allow users to login to your blog using their own Intellivoid Account and make comments which will display their username and display picture without you needing to create your own Account Management system.

Additionally you can use the Intellivoid Services API to store and manage user preferences (eg; Dark mode, language, show sensitive content, etc.) without needing to setup your own database to store these preferences on your server.

Another example is with the Intellivoid Services API you can manipulate services such as Intellivoid Suite, for instance; you can have an Application create todo-tasks for a user.
There are plenty of use cases and the documentation for Intellivoid Services will cover everything from how to authenticate users, how to use other features and or services through the same API, so on.

Getting Started

Find Content
Intellivoid Services offers a lot of features and tools, but to break it down into easy to follow steps, follow this list.

Additionally, Intellivoid Accounts will not show ads and or collect your personal information and use it to track you. our privacy policy protects users from privacy abuse and additionally provides users security due to how our software & services operate. View our privacy policy for Intellivoid Accounts
Creating an Application
Obtain API Key
You can register an Application for free using your Intellivoid Account! visit Intellivoid Accounts to register your Application right away
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