COA Introduction

Introduction to COA

Cross-Over Authentication (COA) is a method of authentication used in Intellivoid Accounts that works much like oAuth. There will be different terms that will be used in explaining how the authentication flow works in COA, below the terms will be explained.

Before using COA

To use COA you need an Application to authenticate with, COA doesn't use a API Key/Access Key to authenticate to it's API, instead it uses a Application ID and Secret Key combination, for more information about what a Application is see Introduction to Applications, if you want to know how you can authenticate see COA API Basics

Access Token

An Access Token is a unique token between your Application and User, as the name implies it's a token that allows your Application to access the User's account. You can only get an Access Token after requesting authentication (see below). And even requesting access; the user has the choice to deny permissions to your Application but still authenticate. This Access Token grants you the permissions the user allowed to your Application such as the ability to view their username or birthday. an Access Token can last for 48 hours, each time you use it that timer resets. If the Access Token expires then you must request authentication again.

Request Token

A Request Token is a temporary token for requesting access to the user. this request token is not tied to any information about the user; just your Application. using a request token you can request the user to login and authenticate to your Application.

You can request the status of the request token and wait for results, once the user authenticates then an Access Token will be returned. and with that you can access the user's account and disregard the Request Token.
Creating an Application
Obtain API Key
You can register an Application for free using your Intellivoid Account! visit Intellivoid Accounts to register your Application right away
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