Request Authentication

Request Authentication

This method allows you to request authentication to a user, you can only get the Access Token by requesting authentication first. The user must visit the URL provided in the response in order to review what permissions your Application is requesting and deny them if before authenticating.

Using the Request Token provided, you can check the status of the Authentication Request and see if the user has authenticated or not. see Process Authentication to learn how to do that. After the user authenticates you will be provided a Access Token, you won't need the Request Token anymore after obtaining an Access Token.
Parameter NameDefault ValueRequiredDescription
application_idNULLTrueThe ID of the Application
secret_keyNULLTrueThe Application's Secret Key
redirectNULLFalseThe URL to redirect the user to after authentication, the Access Token will be provided in the GET parameter as 'access_token', this is only for Applications with the 'Redirect' authentication method.
expand_uifalseFalseWhen set to True or 1, the Authentication Prompt's UI will be expanded and there will be no background animations, this is optimal for pop-up windows.
require_closefalseFalseWhen set to True or 1, the Window will close after the user authenticates if it can and display a message telling the user that they can close the Window after they authenticate. This is ideal if you cannot programmatically close the Window either by Software or JavaScript

Example Success Response


Request Authentication Response Structure

request_tokenstringThe request token for this particular Authentication request, this is only unique to your Application
request_permissionsstring[]A array of permissions that the Application is requesting to the user
statusstringThe status of the Request Token, this can either be 'ACTIVE', 'BLOCKED' or 'EXPIRED', unknown states will be 'UNKNOWN'
authentication_urlstringThe URL that the user must access in order to authenticate to your Application
expires_timestampintegerThe Unix Timestamp for when this request token expires

Application Permissions

To get more information about what permissions a Application can request and what do they mean, see Application Permissions