Error Codes

Error Codes

And error arises whenever success is false and a error object is returned within the results which contains a type property followed by a error_code and message property.
  "success": false,
  "response_code": 404,
  "error": {
    "error_code": 2,
    "message": "INVALID APPLICATION ID",
    "type": "COA"

Intellivoid Services API introduces sub-sections of it's API, there's a section for COA, Settings, Suite Apps, etc. each sub-section has it's own set of error codes. You can figure out where the error code is coming from by the type property. The above example contains "COA" for it's type, in COA API Basics - Error Codes you will find a table of all the possible error codes and their meanings.

Here are the following error types and their meanings

Server Error codes

These are generic error codes that can be returned when it's an error related with the server
Error CodeMessageObsoleteDescription
-1Internal Server ErrorfalseAn unexpected internal server error, this incident should be reported to support
0Generic ErrorfalseThis error can be a generic error, see the error message for more details