Application Settings - Add Variable

Add Variable

Adds or overwrites an existing variable in Application Settings
Parameter NameDefault ValueRequiredDescription
application_idNULLTrueThe ID of the Application
secret_keyNULLTrueThe Application's Secret Key
access_tokenNULLFalseThe Access Token for the authenticated user
typeNULLTrueThe variable type to create, must be string, integer, boolean, array or list
nameNULLTrueThe name of the variable
valueNULLFalseThe value to assign to the variable, for arrays or lists pass on JSON data.
overwritetrueFalseOverwrite option, if set to False or 0, the server will refuse to overwrite the variable if it already exists

Example Success Response

This will return a summary of the current variables that are stored in the Settings of your Application, for more information about this response see Application Settings - Get Summary
  "success": true,
  "response_code": 200,
  "results": {
    "variables": {
      "int_test": {
        "type": "integer",
        "created_timestamp": 1608239452,
        "last_updated_timestamp": 1608239452,
        "size": 19
      "foo": {
        "type": "string",
        "created_timestamp": 1608239469,
        "last_updated_timestamp": 1608239469,
        "size": 22
    "size": 55

Example Overwrite Error Response

If you have overwrite set to false, then you would get the following response if you attempt to add a variable that already exists
  "success": false,
  "response_code": 400,
  "error": {
    "error_code": 6,
    "message": "Variable already exists and cannot be overwritten",
    "type": "SETTINGS"