Accounts Introduction

Introduction to Application Settings

Application Settings allows you to store and manage settings and variables between your Application and the user without having to setup an additional database, for example; if you would like to remember user preferences such as their theme, language and or other minor settings then you can use this feature to store this information and it would only be between the Application and the User.


While this can be proven to be a useful feature, it comes with it's limitations, these limitations will be explained more as you learn about the variable types that you can store with this API; in general you cannot store Arrays within an Array or List and you can only store variable types that are accepted by the server.

You have a generous 16MB storage limit which means you can store up to 16MB of data in total. This limitation only applies between the Application and User. So you can store up to 16MB of storage with "Alice" and another 16MB with "Bob" without running into any issues, but you cannot store more than 16MB of data with one user only.

Can the user edit and access this data?

The user cannot edit this data but they can export it or clear it. In the future we may add additional features allowing the Application to lock and protect specific variables so that the user cannot export or delete those variables.
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