OpenBlu Introduction

Introduction to OpenBlu

OpenBlu is a public repository of OpenVPN servers that are publicly accessible and updated regularly. You can use the official Web Application found at or via the API.

All the VPN servers found in OpenBlu are hosted by volunteers world-wide thus making OpenBlu a decentralized solution because the servers are not hosted by Intellivoid. These servers do not require you to authenticate to connect to any of them.

How do I connect to these servers?

You can connect to these servers using a standard OpenVPN client, by obtaining a .ovpn file from OpenBlu you can connect to the server by providing the .ovpn file to the OpenVPN Client

Can these servers see what i do?

Yes and no. It is possible that the admins of these servers can see what hosts you connect to but if your connection is encrypted (such as using standard SSL encryption) they cannot see what you send and receive.

Yes it is possible that the admins keep logs but at the end of the day the only information you are sending to these servers is what IP address you are using to connect to these VPN servers. While most known VPN providers claims that they do not keep logs, often most of them requires you to
  • Create an account while providing your personal details such as your Email
  • Authenticate with your personal account to connect to these servers
  • Download and install proprietary software or "open source" software with blobs to connect to these servers
And often they would keep logs for authentication access and see who's connected to their servers using this information. And since most of these services are centralized solutions you will be connecting to servers hosted in data-centers that you have no information about while other organizations are hosted under the same hardware.

OpenBlu being decentralized means that most of the servers found in OpenBlu is self-hosted in residential locations making it a more effective solution to stay anonymous.

Some servers won't work, why's that?

One of the downsides of decentralization is the inconsistency of server availability and network infrastructures. OpenBlu does not guarantee that all servers will continue to work after a week or two, but here's some ways to make sure that the the probability of you connecting to a available server is high.
  • Connect to servers that has been updated recently
  • Connect to servers with a high active session count
  • Avoid servers that hasn't been updated in more than a week
Obtaining a API Key
Obtain API Key
You can obtain a free API key from OpenBlu and retrieve the servers that are available on OpenBlu, you can use the API to narrow down your results and filter them.
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