Get Server

Get OpenBlu Server

This method allows you to get an existing server from OpenBlu. This includes the certificate, connection parameters, IP address and more.
Parameter NameDefault ValueRequiredDescription
idNULLTrueThe ID of the VPN Server

Example Success Response

Some of the data is replaced with <> to simplify the contents
        "remote":" 443",
      "certificate_authority":"<CERTIFICATE DATA>",
      "certificate_authority_b64":"<BASE64 ENCODED CERTIFICATE DATA>",
      "certificate":"<CERTIFICATE DATA>",
      "certificate_b64":"<BASE64 ENCODED CERTIFICATE DATA>",
      "key":"<PRIVATE KEY DATA>",
      "key_b64":"<BASE64 ENCODED PRIVATE KEY DATA>",
      "ovpn_configuration":"<.OVPN FILE CONTENTS>"

Server Object Structure

idstringThe ID of the server
host_namestringThe name of the host of the server
countrystringThe full name of the country that this server is based in
country_shortstringThe short version of the country that this server is based in
scoreintThe score of the server
pingintThe ping of the server
sessionsintThe amount of sessions that are currently established to this server
total_sessionsintThe total amount of sessions that has been established
ip_addressstringIPV4/IPV6 Address of the server
openvpnopenvpnThe OpenVPN details for connecting to this server
last_updatedintThe Unix Timestamp of when this server was last updated
createdintThe Unix Timestamp of when this server was created

OpenVPN Object Structure

parametersarray(key:string)/(key:null)The parameters for a OpenVPN Client to use, null values means that the parameter does not require a value
certificate_authoritystringThe certificate authority of for the VPN Server
certificate_authority_b64stringThe same as certificate_authority but with the contents base64 encoded
certificatestringThe certificate of the VPN Server
certificate_b64stringThe same as certificate but with the contents base64 encoded
keystringPrivate RSA Key for the VPN Server
key_b64stringThe same as key but with the contents base64 encoded
ovpn_configurationstringThe full contents of the .ovpn file including all the certificates and parameters to connect

Server Not Found Response

This response is given when the given ID does not point to any existing server that is registered in OpenBlu
  "success": false,
  "response_code": 404,
  "error": {
    "error_code": 1,
    "type": "CLIENT",
    "message": "VPN Server not found"