SpamProtection Introduction

Introduction to SpamProtection

SpamProtection is a community powered solution with the goal to effectively combat spam on Telegram using machine learning and manual spam reporting.

How does it work?

There are several factors to this project that allows this project to combat spam
  • Machine Learning Spam Prediction
  • Machine Learning Language Prediction
  • User/Channel Blacklisting
  • Potential Spammer Detection
  • Manual Reporting

Machine Learning Spam Prediction

When you add @SpamProtectionBot to your group, the bot works instantly. it begins to predict if the message contains spam or not and if you give the bot the correct permissions, it will automatically delete any messages it thinks may be spam and report it publicly so that others can verify if it's actually spam or the bot made a false prediction. This will also allow operators to determine if the user should be blacklisted or not to prevent further spam from being posted on other groups.

Machine Learning Language Prediction

Not only that the bot attempts to predict if the message is spam it will also attempt to predict the generalized language spoken both by the user and the group to have a greater chance in predicting correctly if the message is spam or not.

User/Channel Blacklisting

Trusted users are appointed special permissions to resolve any issues that may occur with this project, including the ability to blacklist users (mostly spam bots) so that these users cannot continue to spread unwanted spam and abuse towards other groups.

Potential Spammer Detection

The bot can accurately determine if a user is a potential spammer depending on their spamming activities which can add another layer of security for groups to prevent potential spammers from posting spam.

Manual Reporting

Thanks to our large community of spam watchers, they manually report users who spams and they report false spam predictions allowing our database of spammers to grow and become more accurate towards our goal in stopping spam on Telegram.

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